8 Digital Marketing Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Themselves Jessica Benedict April 28, 2022

8 Digital Marketing Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Themselves

Digital Marketing Questions

Your business has made it this far, but now it’s hit a plateau. There are more potential customers out there, but you’re not sure how to reach them. Seeking expertise from a digital marketing company could be just the push you need to gain insights into consumer behavior and to jumpstart your online advertising.

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself to see if your business needs an online advertising a boost.

1. What Insights Do I Have Regarding My Customers?

It’s time to get clear on the behaviors and preferences of your potential customers. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can become an expert on your current and potential customers, allowing your online advertising to become laser-focused on targeting those who are most likely to buy your product.

2. How Do Customers Look for Products in My Niche?

From social media to email to Google search, customers are continuously browsing for the best products on the market. Collaborating with a digital marketing agency presses the refresh button on your online strategy and helps you develop new content that engages the right online audiences in the right areas.

3. Who Do Customers Listen to When Making Decisions Related to My Product?

According to a Forbes article, 85% of American consumers perceive online reviews like personal recommendations. Like word-of-mouth, influencer marketing hits home due to authenticity. A social media agency can develop successful influencer marketing that will keep your customers engaged throughout the buyer’s journey.

4. Are My Words Working for Me?

Assess your online content. Your potential customers might not know about you yet, but they’re looking for your products. Interestingly, over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile, which is why it is essential that your online content is deliberate, specific, relevant to your business, and accessible via mobile. Don’t forget the power of search engine optimization and the trend toward local search.

5. Where Do My Competitors Excel?

Digital marketing companies can help you gain insights into your industry, finding opportunities for your business among direct and indirect competitors. Though it isn’t always feasible to tackle every aspect of online marketing, you can one-up your competition in an area where you shine by being strategically selective in your online marketing.

6. What Are My Strengths & Weaknesses?

Maybe you kill it on Twitter, but email marketing is just not your thing. Use your strengths to your advantage, and outsource the rest. Equipped with the tools and knowledge to grow an online presence, digital marketing agents can optimize your online marketing to its fullest capabilities.

7. Does My Content Seem Rushed or Unplanned?

If you rarely plan your content and only post when you remember to, it’s hard to expect consistent results. With the help of a digital marketing consultant, your business can begin to regularly post high-quality content through the use of a content strategy and calendar.

8. Should I Be Tracking My Results?

How well do you measure your success? If you’ve always looked at your digital marketing as something that you can set and forget, you’re not getting the most out of your efforts. With the use of a digital marketing agency that has the tools to analyze a campaign and its results, you’ll see clear indicators of your success or areas for improvement.

Make the most of your marketing budget with a digital marketing consultant. Search engine, social media, email, and content marketing are just some of the many ways to get your business in front of the right people, and Storm Brain has the tools and expertise to set you up for digital marketing success.

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