DIY vs. Hiring a San Diego Web Development Company Brady Johnson January 18, 2023

DIY vs. Hiring a San Diego Web Development Company


Prospective entrepreneurs who want to enter this marketplace must complete a round of activities to kick-start their firm. One must-do on the checklist is building a website. To accomplish this, entrepreneurs have a number of options, including on doing-it-yourself sites like Wix or Squarespace, for example.

Nevertheless, DIY web development presents several limitations. Our San Diego web designers at Storm Brain explain a few reasons why:

  • Building a Website is Time-Consuming – No matter which route you take, building a website from scratch takes time to do – if you want to do it right. Sites like WIX feature an AI to do the hard work for you, but there are many limits to adjust. Many of the sites look unprofessional and do not give your potential clients the right impression. The better alternative would be to develop a site using a CMS that is user-friendly, with the ability to scale your business. As a result, busy entrepreneurs will fare better by hiring a San Diego web development company to free up more time for getting other aspects of the business off the ground. Consider leaving the marketing and brand development to the professionals.
  • Getting a Professional Look is Key – When you work with a professional web development company, you get a professional website that customers are extremely impressed with, which leads to better conversions from your site. Moreover, the framework of the website is engineered with a number of variables in mind, such as SEO, expansion, and security – a triple play for online success.
  • Fixing Issues Are a Headache – A professional web development company, such as Storm Brain, understands the technicalities of building a website. A trained web developer knows how to make your website compatible with all browsers and devices, for example, and fix issues before they start. Developers also specialize in functionality features and mastering integrations with other platforms that are necessary for the operational end of your business.
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Building a DIY website may seem like a more economical option from the get-go but in the long run, it could end up costing more. To connect with a reliable and trusted web development company, call Storm Brain at 1.866.778.6279 to learn more.

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