Facebook Ad Agency Shares How to Get Through To Millennials Brady Johnson March 7, 2023

Facebook Ad Agency Shares How to Get Through To Millennials


Love them or hate them, millennials have big spending power – more than $200 billion worth, according to Forbes Magazine. So how exactly do you get through to this demographic exactly?

Based on the findings by Forbes, the key things to do include:

  • Keeping the Conversation Flowing – When polls and interviews with millennials were completed, the finding revealed that the majority (around 62%), are likely to shop with brands that keep the conversation going on social media. Some may say this is superficial. However, social media interactions give users and brand a real chance to connect without any need to spend hours on the phone.
  • Organic SEO and Growth – Study after study demonstrates that millennials tend to avoid brands that implement a pushy sales approach. When marketing messages go overboard, all that’s needed is a quick search on Google to read reviews about the brand. Claims can moreover be backed up instantly by verifying with other online users. But building a brand organically takes a lot of time and effort. To resolve, turn to an online marketing company such as Storm Brain.
  • Social Influencers – Another way to tap into this demographic is to find or build a social influencer that aligns with your product or service. When a substantial following is amassed, product suggestions can be published on this platform. Though brand loyalty isn’t a given, the bulk of this demographic group appreciate companies that offer real value to society.
  • Network Online – In addition to capitalizing on social media, it pays to network with leaders in your niche. This allows you to learn the ropes and even interact with audiences.
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