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Facebook & Instagram Ad Agency Storm Brain April 10, 2022

Facebook Lead Generation Paid Advertising

Get ready to reach your target audience with full funnel paid ad optimization on social media.

Facebook is one of the largest networks with over 2.9 billion active monthly users. Reach new customers and nurture existing ones by staying everpresent.

This is a network of millions of regularly active users, ready to engage and participate in the brand relationship.  


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Social Media Campaign Managment Methodology
Audit & Analysis

Our Facebook advertising agency team reviews your current strategies and your competitors producing a detailed audit.

Campaign Creative

Built from our creative experience and industry  market-specific research, we create the content strategy for our ad funnels to get your best return on investment.


Custom landing pages and tracking are set up for the highest possible conversion rates, performance, and brand continuity. 

Optimization + Full-Service Management

Assess performance, optimize each campaign and iterate with new creative and targeting. Reporting provided monthly.

Reach More People In Rapid TimeFacebook & Instagram Paid Advertising

Why Facebook Advertising?

By offering hyper-accurate audience segmentation and targeting, Facebook goes beyond what other platforms such as Google Ads or Microsoft Ads can do. It understands your market share better than you do, and even better than some longtime professional marketers do.

Facebook users voluntarily share their likes, dislikes, and wishes with users within their network. The Facebook advertising platform offers business owners the chance to be seen by the most qualified leads in the marketplace. The targeting available includes age, location, and interests. 

The investment for ad campaigns can be set to best meet your business objectives and budgets, set for clicks or impressions to rapidly reach your target market.

With more than two billion users registered around the globe, Facebook is here to stay.
  • More than 75% of Americans have said they have been driven to purchase through the platform
  • Users spend an average of 33 minutes a day on Facebook
  • 26.4% of the platform user base is made up of millennials and 36% are 45 or older
  • 73% of college-educated internet users are on Facebook, and 70% of users are earning more than $75K a year
  •  1.8 billion people use Facebook groups every month, a great way for brands to connect with dedicated loyalists
  • Facebook is the third most visited website
Advertising Models & Optimization
  • Boosted Posts: Capitalize on your most captivating organic content and get in front of new users to promote higher engagement rates.
  • Paid Ad Strategies: Create ads to drive users to take action through specific calls to action. This can be done in a multitude of ways, from shopping and booking appointments to taking action on website landing pages, signing up for Facebook events, following your Facebook business page, or joining your group. 
  • Remarketing: Pair the ad strategy up with a remarketing campaign to continue to get in front of website visitors throughout the growth and optimization of your campaign.

Discover digital solutions that help you to take your industry by storm.

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Brand Strategy

Establish and solidifying industry leaders. Unlock your brand’s potential. Creating an extension between a company and their audience.

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Web Assets

Beauty meets functionality, creative custom websites designed and focused on building engaging highly performing web assets.

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Digital Marketing

Fill your sales pipeline with wallet-ready inbound leads. Our team of specialists take a multi-channel approach to reaching and engaging your prospects.

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