How to Tell if Your SEO Strategy is Working for You Jessica Benedict May 12, 2022

How to Tell if Your SEO Strategy is Working for You


It’s no secret that the world of online marketing is competitive. Where a solid SEO strategy would once catapult a brand to the top of the search engine charts, today, it may take an entire SEO army of professionals to capture the attention of the greater digital world.

For many business owners, partnering with an SEO agency is the first step in taking control of how the brand makes its way successfully in the over-saturated world of search engine results. While a search engine marketing firm will inevitably come prepared to take a brand to new digital heights, there are a few simple ways to tell if your SEO strategy is working well.

Understand Your Keyword Use

Your search engine optimization firm will be dedicated to making sure that the words potential clients are searching match up with the content on your website. It sounds simple, but keywords are king when it comes to landing accounts in the long-term. It’s not enough for an SEO company to sprinkle common phrases across a website and hope for the best.

Your SEO team should have in-depth knowledge of the terminology linked to your product offerings and be able to translate that into concentrated and meaningful content that will regularly pop up in Google searches. Your team also need to be aware of new trends.

SEO experts know that Google ranking factors are in constant fluctuation, and it takes a keen eye to determine the keyword density that will be successful alongside these changes. When implemented effectively, a quick Google search will bring a brand’s name into the top 10 results for searches related to the product, service, or industry.

Your SEO strategy should also involve programming to track your rankings and success with certain keywords. Having regular access to these results is a good way to keep a pulse on just how effective your current strategies are and if you need to make adjustments.

Take Time to Review Traffic

The higher the ranking of your website, the more likely potential clients are to click your site. From here, the possibilities are endless. A single click counts for a lot in the world of online marketing. The team in charge of SEO should be keeping an eye on digital traffic patterns and ensuring the approach is both fresh and targeted.

If you work with an SEO agency, consultants should be regularly communicating web traffic information. Remember that fluctuation is good. Changes in digital traffic mean adjustments are happening in the background with SEO to find the best strategy. Over time, the tweaks to keywords, content, and even ads will yield a solid plan for capturing your audience and expanding your business’s presence in the digital marketplace.

Select an SEO Agency

Building traction online through SEO takes time and requires a dedicated and experienced professional to get things going. Noticeable improvements for both search rankings and website traffic will come in months after beginning a concentrated SEO effort. So be patient and trust your agency, but make sure you’re re-evaluating your goals and campaigns along the way.

Finding a San Diego SEO consultant that understands the ins and outs of rankings, traffic, and client communication is an essential first step toward positive changes for your business. Storm Brain has the services you need in a great digital marketing partner. We will help you understand the power of SEO and its impact on the digital marketplace to keep you thriving in a competitive online world.

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