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Social Media Ad Agency Storm Brain April 10, 2022

Social Media Marketing & Content Strategies

We are lead generation machines who build brand ambassadors. Our social media marketing teams specialize in the power of social media platform marketing & advertising

Engage audiences across social media platforms by capitalizing on paid social ads, owned media, and earned media. When social media campaigns are managed strategically they drive business growth and revenue. Get ready to convert clicks into customers.

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Social Media Paid Ad StrategyFacebook . Instagram . LinkedIn . YouTube

Ad Targeting
  • Target current and desired fan bases through sophisticated segmentation techniques, implementing a trove of demographic and user-interest data.
  • Create ads that target new and existing customers to maintain customer engagement.
Dynamic Ad Rotation & Engagement
  • Rotation of ad messaging and creative assets keep Ads fresh, maintains high CTR’s (clickthrough rates) and lowers CPC (cost per click)
  • Utilize site and blog content to create sponsored stories
Remarketing Strategy Implementation
  • On average, only two percent of your website visitors will convert to a solid lead. Don’t give up on the other 98% – send hyper targeted ads, and email campaigns via remarking services.
  • Customers that see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.
  • We implement a retargeting campaign in conjunction with other paid ad channels across social media platforms as part of our strategy utilizing social media.
Customer Conversion & Analysis
  • Fan acquisition and nurturing is tracked for on-Facebook and on-site destinations, giving a clearer picture of campaign performance.
  • Inbound and outbound tracking allows for more robust conversion tracking and more effective campaigns.
Strategic Planning

Reaching new customers and converting them, involves a lot of psychology and analytics. We focus on substance, amplification, and data review to achieve marketing campaign successes. By understanding your audience and thinking creatively about how to reach them and influence actions, we achieve campaign strategy wins.

Content Strategy

Successful content marketing concentrates on reaching the right people while making your customers the focus of the message. We focus on brand positioning, voice, narrative, and delivering tailored content that evolves with the customer’s journey. With the use of brand identity, video, captivating imagery, and a compelling message, we create content that dominates.

Campaign Development & Management

Our digital marketing plans support your key performance indicators (KPI) and revenue objectives, focused on increasing brand awareness and sales growth.  We develop, manage, and measure your campaigns to evaluate their effectiveness and make adjustments along the way to increase ROI. Creativity meets highly targeted analytics in each of our campaigns.

Campaign Collateral

Campaign collateral can be any form of advertising defining a brand’s message and creating action: videos, commercials, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, banners, and more…. Storm Brain produces material that reaches your target and potential customers, while simultaneously supporting your brand strategy and campaign goals.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are a great way to market a company’s products and services. These materials can be anything from sales collateral material, advertisements, and everyday usable products that showcase your brand identity. Storm Brain can design and integrate these elements into a comprehensive marketing strategy plan.

Social Media Management

Social platforms create exposure for your business and encourage feedback and exchange with customers. Integrating social in omnichannel marketing gives your brand real-time engagement with the customer.  We can create a comprehensive, on-brand, social media content strategy exposing prospects to aligned brand communication while growing your network.

Reputation Management

You've got a “Rep to Protect!” As online customer reviews drive future business for your company, those bad reviews can be detrimental to the bottom line. Reputation is everything. Storm Brain ensures your company has a positive reputation on rating sites, by dynamically engaging your clients and your community to share, positively affecting your valuable online reputation.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Advertising

With over 2.9 billion current monthly Facebook/Instagram users, and over 815 million LinkedIn users, these social media platforms are unbelievably powerful and cost effective marketing tools to reach your future customers. Your company can deliver to thousands of users at an affordable average cost per click (CPC). Storm Brain tests and identifies your most profitable offers and creates custom creative that highlights your brand directly to your ideal customers. We use advanced target marketing and a systematic segmented workflow to reach and convert consumers using social media platform ads.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube, now the most visited site in the world, is a captivating video messaging and has proven to highly influence marketing for brands that have specific goals and campaign metrics. Storm Brain establishes your brand budget, and KPIs, along with the target audience, and we develop sponsored YouTube videos and media content that generates awareness for your brand and promotion of your product sales.

Social media marketing should be multifaceted in order to move the needle. Let's create an authentic and compelling strategy together.

Discover digital solutions that help you to take your industry by storm.

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Brand Strategy

Establish and solidifying industry leaders. Unlock your brand’s potential. Creating an extension between a company and their audience.

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Web Assets

Beauty meets functionality, creative custom websites designed and focused on building engaging highly performing web assets.

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Digital Marketing

Fill your sales pipeline with wallet-ready inbound leads. Our team of specialists take a multi-channel approach to reaching and engaging your prospects.

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