Storm Brain Wins Two 2021 American Advertising Awards Brady Johnson March 24, 2021

Storm Brain Wins Two 2021 American Advertising Awards

Storm Brain Awards

We are honored to announce that we have been awarded two ADDYS (American Advertising Awards) in this year’s competition. Our trend-setting work continues to be recognized on a national level.

The American Advertising Awards is the largest and most recognized competition for the advertising industry, with approximately 35,000 entries every year. We’ve been awarded because our work truly stands out, turns heads, and sets the standard for design and highlighting the work of our clients.

We received a Bronze Award in the Mobile Websites category for our work on the Brontide BG Business Website. Our mission with every website we create and develop is to showcase our client and help them to truly stand out and set the bar for their industry:

We were awarded a Silver Medal for our work on the Brontide Sustainability Impact Calculator. Our client asked us to demonstrate the revolutionary environmental impact of using their plant-based natural butylene glycol, a key ingredient in personal care products and cosmetics. We designed a visually stunning interactive experience integrated into their environmentally friendly product’s digital home:

Our ADDY recognition is the result of our ability to stay at the forefront of a landscape that is constantly evolving and growing at a rapid rate. We are proud of our industry-leading team of designers, strategists, and content creators for making Storm Brain the benchmark for digital design and marketing.

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