Graphic Design: The Importance of Visual Marketing Brady Johnson January 30, 2023

Graphic Design: The Importance of Visual Marketing


Incorporating graphic design into your website and content marketing strategy isn’t a recommendation, it’s a must if you want to engage more customers.

The Content Marketing Institute recently published an article titled “16 Visual Storytelling Tips to Give Your Content Marketing a Boost”.

According to the article, a large percentage (74%) of social media marketers add visuals when posting and 93% of marketers who target senior demographics agree that images go hand-in-hand with online success. A new report by Cisco also states that while content is still king, video marketing will account for most internet traffic by 2019.

These statistics basically paint the picture that it’s time to upgrade your internet marketing game by implementing graphics to your marketing strategy. If you lack the time or expertise to get this done, a graphic designer in San Diego, Storm Brain, can help.

Other Tips

Take a look at some of the other tips outlined in the article:

  • Be Consistent – One way to build loyalty is to help customers easily identify your brand. To accomplish this, be consistent across the board, by using the same color theme on websites, social media pages, and even on offline marketing materials. The Content Marketing Institute calls this a brand’s “visual identity”.
  • Get a Pro to Help – To boost your professional image, experiment with hiring a professional graphic designer to design marketing materials, including infographics, websites, social media pages, and more.
Grow Digitally

Whether you need graphics to update your cover photo on YouTube or Facebook or need an extreme website makeover, Storm Brain designs custom graphics for a variety of purposes.

To get a quote from our professional graphic designers in San Diego, call 1.866.778.6279.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

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