Website Refresh Time? Allen Banick June 29, 2022

Website Refresh Time?


Do you have a website up and running already? If the site isn’t converting visitors, it may be time to update your website with a website redesign.


Why You Need To Update Your Website

San Diego web design company, Storm Brain, analyzes customers’ websites before completing any request for changes. This way, we can tell you upfront if the extra cost is justifiable. Many times though, website updates are recommended because:

Image Matters

A website design influences how customers perceive a business. Storm Brain helps online entrepreneurs achieve a professional image by designing a clean website that aptly describes the brand.

Responsive Designs Are Preferred by Mobile Users

Unlock a new income stream by ensuring your website is mobile-friendly. As millions of consumers turn their smartphones into shopping devices, this website update is 100% needed whether you’re a product or service business.

The Basic Coding Needs to Be Cleaned Up

There are numerous DIY website design platforms on the market today, which are great for businesses with low-volume sales. For heavy hitters, however, it’s crucial to test and retest regularly to determine if the coding complies with basic web standards. When you hire San Diego web design company, Storm Brain, we make sure your coding is up to speed and that the website is compatible with popular web browsers.

Calls To Action Are Missing

Regardless of how much time you’ve spent outlining the design and content of your website, if calls to action are missing, this sets you up for immediate failure. Make it easy for customers to take action by updating your existing design with attractive and practical CTAs. Storm Brain can help.

The Copy Is Outdated

Ensure the copy is edited often to reflect new add-ons to the business. In addition to providing information for potential customers, your website copy should also serve an alternate purpose – which is getting found in the search engines. Storm Brain specializes in both website design and SEO services in San Diego.

Turn Underperformance into Unlocked Potential

With the World Wide Web, the barriers to entry for opening and expanding a business are limitless. With the right setup from the get-go, online business owners stand a better chance of competing with the big guys.

To make it easy for visitors to find, stay, and make a purchase on your website, call Storm Brain today at 1.866.778.6279.

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