Social Media Marketing Rules to Live By Brady Johnson July 13, 2022

Social Media Marketing Rules to Live By


When it comes to social media marketing, does anything go? Not according to social media marketing company, Storm Brain in San Diego.

If you want to make and keep a good name for yourself in business, there are certain rules that must be adhered to in order to enjoy sustainable success. A few are discussed below.

The Cardinal Laws of Social Media Marketing

  1. Are you ready to gain footing in social media circles?
  2. Do you want to build an audience and be seen as an authority in your niche?
  3. Do you want to go a step further by not only building up a loyal following but also keeping it for the long haul?

If you’ve nodded yes to all three questions, here goes:

Be a Good Listener

Instead of feeding irrelevant information to the crowd every day – several times per day, listen to what customers are saying and respond accordingly. In order to get a better notion of how social media feeds are managed by superstar moderators, take a look at the pages of top household brands, like Kroger, Nike, or Target, for example. More often than not, appropriate responses are given to customer inquiries in a timely manner.

Stay Within Topic

Social media pages with a huge fan base all share one thing in common – subject matter posts for a targeted demographic. For example, a health and fitness company usually supplements product offerings with free wellness advice. Similarly, dental care professionals may post tips for maintaining a healthy smile while integrating the importance of scheduling regular checkups. The main point is that you should always stay on topic.

Choose Quality vs. Quantity

Too often business owners make the mistake of going overboard with posting to social media in hopes of reaching more people. If these messages aren’t relevant, helpful, or entertaining to the target audience, many jump ship. To stand out in a good way, take the time to craft compelling messages that inform and convert. Storm Brain can help with this aspect of social media management and so much more.

The Take-Home Message

We can all agree there’s no perfect science to interacting with each other online. Nevertheless, social media marketing companies in San Diego, like Storm Brain, have studied the most effective methods for optimizing social media campaigns.

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