What to Look for in a Web Design Agency Brady Johnson May 21, 2020

What to Look for in a Web Design Agency

Web design agency

Not all web design agencies are cut from the same cloth. In an ever-evolving field, it’s important to know exactly what to look for in a web design agency. Below are the most important things to consider when selecting a digital marketing consultant to do your next website.

Specialized Services

If a digital marketing agency claims to do it all, you should be skeptical. Look for digital agencies that specialize in the exact services you are looking for, and don’t be blinded by a wide variety of services. eCommerce Development Agencies, for example, specialize in solely that type of project.  Make sure you find the right fit.

Proven Track Record

Check out agencies with portfolios that demonstrate contemporary, intuitive design. Quality website development should always include user-centered design while still clearly incorporating current design trends. Are the visuals on their clients’ websites and projects engaging, modern, and in alignment with the type of business? All these are signs of quality graphic design.

The Agency’s Online Presence

Since digital marketing agencies specialize in online marketing, their online presence, especially their website, should be outstanding. Another good indicator of a quality agency that excels at web development is the way each agency interacts on social media. Not only can you get a feel for the team and the type of work that they do, but you can get a glimpse into the level of experience they have with digital marketing.


Competitive, yet not the most basic pricing. You get what you pay for, so settling for the most cost-effective will likely not benefit you in the long-run when it comes to the overall usability of the website. After all, your website should be easy for your customers to browse, not make them frustrated or confused.

Customer Service

Look for agencies that exemplify value-added services, whether it be through a blog or responsive customer service. If an agency puts the extra time and effort into contributing value to the work of others, you’ll know that they will do the same for you as a client.

Assistance Beyond Going Live

Your website content won’t always be the same; it should evolve with the changes in your business. Will the digital marketing agency work with you to build the site so that you can edit it yourself? Will the web designers be available to update your site if you request it? These are important questions to ask, especially once you take into consideration how adept you are at managing an online presence yourself.

With these points in mind, you can now choose the best web design agency to suit your needs. There are plenty of San Diego web designers, but once you narrow down the choices based on the information in this article and your goals, the decision becomes much easier. Remember to be clear on what you’re looking for, ask questions, and get to know the teams of your top digital marketing consultant options.

Storm Brain is a full-service digital marketing agency, providing website development, graphic design, and social media marketing consulting out of San Diego.

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